About us


MOTO VALVE was set up in the last period of the seventies to produce and supply downloadsspecial high pressure valves instainless steel, duplex, super duplex and other exotic materials for application in chemical, petrochemical, refining and off-shore fields.

Over the years MOTO VALVE gained a sound reputation as a supplier of high quality products and step by step the manufacturing program has been expanding and the marketing action has been securing more and more high profile customers in the international business net.“List of references” can be provided on request.

Nowadays MOTO VALVE engineers are still involved in the design of new products in order to face the market requirements. The present production/supply range is including different types of valves and piping elements. To permit you an easy identification of what customers can expect from us, we would like to highlight the following points.

Usually we are preferred by our customers for a controlled production flexibility and for our large inventory of raw materials (castings, forgings, billets) including NACE c.s., s.steels, Cr.Mo., duplex, superduplex, nickel alloys, titanium, and ecc. which permit to deliver valves in shorter time than our competitors.